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On your adventurous journey of being a hero, you will encounter many puzzles that need to be solved in order to move into the story of the game. in rabbit hole task, you will be tasked with accomplishing such challenging puzzles. One of them is Shadow bird puzzle.

This includes a room with a spotlight and four different shapes that make up the shape of a bird. To successfully finish this mission, you must make use of the lights and manipulate the positions of each character to create the shadow of a bird.

We are sure that you are excited to pass this mission and reach the secret lair of the Court of Owls. So, to make things easier, we have prepared this brief guide to show you how it is done.

Solve the mystery of the shadow bird in Gotham Knights

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When you enter this place, you will see a long table with candle lights on it. There are also different shapes on top of the table.

If you notice, there is no exit in this room, and your task is to find your way out.

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The first thing you have to do is interact with the lights to turn them on. You will see a large shadow forming across the wall. That’s all you need to do: rotate the shapes until you make a perfect shadow shape of a bird on the wall.

At first, this may seem confusing, but here’s all you need to do.

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From the position of the light source, go to the right side of the table and go next to the first shape closest to the light spot. Rotate it once.

This figure will be the bird’s paw, and after turning it once, the paw should point in your direction.

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Now, go to the other side and Rotate the second shape twice. This will be the bird’s tail. Since you are standing on the left side, the tail should be pointing towards you.

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The third shape will be one of the bird’s wings. Rotate it three timesThe wings should also point in your direction.

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This last part will also be one of the wings. Rotate it three times To make a bird shape with spread wings.

When everything is set, interact with the same button again to play a movie scene. With these steps, you will have already completed this goal.