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A Plague Tale Requiem is the second edition of Plague Tale now available across multiple platforms.

It is a story-based action adventure, stealth game with great visuals, unforgettable characters, first-class sound and a very frustrating story.

This game does a number on you as you start to weave its story as you play the story. We won’t spoil it for you but this is one game title that you should try at least once in your life.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Ancient Protector Achievement Trophy as you try to find a cure for Hugo in A Plague Tale Requiem.

Guide to Get the Ancient Protector’s Trophy at A Plague Tale Requiem

This Grail Objective can be activated in Chapter 9 of Tales and Suggestions, Episode 6 Phoenix. You and your companions will have to interact with the ancient protector beings in this level to unlock the trophy.

To keep things simple and not spoil the game for those who haven’t played it yet, we’re going to show you each old guard you’ll have to interact with in each room and not go into too much detail so you can try out the item log for yourselves.

Open the rooms of Basilius

Once you start, head straight ahead and find Basil’s room. Inside will be the ancient protection items that you have to interact with to advance through the story and finally unlock the achievement trophy.

Interact with the tent

The first thing you should interact with is the tent in the center of the room.

wooden horse game

Next, find the wooden horse near the entrance to the room.

basil bed

From where the wooden horse is, adjust it well and find the bed.

Table with wooden toys

Head to the far left corner of the room and interact with the wooden table with toys. It is to the left of the door that leads deep into the room.

Head deeper into the room

You have completed interacting with all the items of the ancient protector in the room. Go deep inside by opening the second door.

chest game

You’ll find out later that this is Aelia’s room. Check out the toy chest and interact with it.

A suit of female armor

Interact with the armor holder afterwards. It’s to your left of the toy box.

gun rack

Interact with the weapon rack. From the armor stand, turn right and find the stand in the room.

wax tablets

Next, you will have to interact with the wax discs at the bottom of the door leading deep into the room.

Go to the next room

This complements all the elements of the old guard in this room. Head to the next room by opening the door where the wax discs are placed near you.

Interact with the Phoenix mural on the other side of the garden

The next room looks like an indoor garden. Look for the most visible unique object which is the Phoenix mural.

Explore the chemistry lab

After calming Hugo, head toward the door off your left. Enter it to take you to the chemistry lab.

potion maker

Make your way around the room and look for clues to a cure for Hugo’s disease. Start with your old potion maker.

dose display rack

Next, interact with the dose display shelf in one corner.

potion bottle

There will be a stack of potions on a table to the left of the entrance to the chemistry lab. Find a potion bottle that you can interact with.


Next, check the oven at the end of the table where you got your potion.

potion maker on earth

Check the potion maker on the floor, too. Doing all this will have one of your buddies point you to where Hugo is checking a device in the middle of the room.

patient table

Head towards where Hugo is. There is a sick table there. Interacting with her will start a dialogue that irritates Hugo.

Go upstairs through the curtain

After calming Hugo, Sophia will implore you to go up to the observation floor above the lab. To get there, find a path towards the second floor that is obscured by a curtain on the other side of the wall.

Turn left, up the lobby staircase to take you to the second floor

Parting the curtain will reveal a window. Hop to the other side with Hugo and turn left past the stairs to take you to the last room where the old guard items can be found.

Check out the scrolls in the Alchemist library

The second floor houses the alchemists’ library. Head left, past the broken window and check out the scroll shelf.

Examine the last item to get the Ancient Protector Trophy

The last item you are looking for is located in the middle of the room. It is a wooden display floor used by chemists with a top-down view of the patient’s table below. Interacting with all the items will finally unlock the Ancient Protector’s Cup.