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Enjoy a fun game where you will shape aluminum foil into different shapes and watch your creations in action. Download Foil Turning 3D for Android to fully enjoy this game from your mobile device.

How to play Foil Makeover 3D

The way Foil Turning 3D plays is fairly simple. In terms of content, challenges and game structure, everything is easy to understand and play. There are clear objectives in order to complete each level and advance to the next.

However, you will find any difficulty with the controls or the actual gameplay elements.

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First, you will get the aluminum foil roll. This first step is simple: roll the tin foil into a block large enough to use. From this point, you will be able to move on to the next step.

Next, you have to shape your chips using a hammer. Once you get to the shape you want, go ahead and polish your flakes to make them nice and smooth.

Foil Makeover 3D apk latest version

From here, you can bring your creativity to life with some color! There are many paints that can be used to customize and modify the overall feel and appearance of the chips.


The controls are also very easy. You need to perform simple gestures to complete each action. In fact, all the controls in Foil Turning 3D can be done with one hand.


As far as the graphics go, everything is designed to be as simple and basic as possible. As the name suggests, Foil Turning 3D is in…well, 3D. However, that doesn’t make the game very amazing.

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The graphics are very simple and normal for this type of game. You won’t find yourself surprised or over excited by anything that happens on the screen. This is also enforced by the fact that the game hardly has any sounds and music to entice its players. You may be better off playing your own music.

Foil Turning 3D Mod APK Free Download

You can get the latest version of Foil Turning 3D Mod APK free for Android also from our website. This version does not necessarily offer anything different from the Google Play Store version. But, due to various reasons, this game may not be able to download on Google Play Store for some users.

However, we recommend downloading this version of the game directly from our website.