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There are many cameras out there today that you can buy and use. But over the years, cameras switched to digital phones and then smartphones. Now, you can easily take photos/videos whenever and wherever you want, thanks to these devices.

But if you are looking for old fashioned cameras, you can download FIMO and access the old presets! Here, there are various presets that replicate the look of other cameras.

With this application, you can use a variety of tools that allow you to take classic photos with your phone. Here, you can access various presets that mimic the look of other cameras back in the day. This includes the X-Red 50, Business 400, Pan 100, Yummy 100, LM Color 100 and many more.

Each of these presets has unique aesthetics and themes that you can use today. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of movies to collect, which you can use right now!

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There are many cameras that you can use and enjoy today. But most of them are installed in our smartphones to take photos and videos more conveniently. Most phones today have cameras, some even have multiple cameras on the front and back.

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Today’s latest phone models can capture 4K videos and photos. But if you’ve missed the old school photos you can take, FIMO is the answer!

With this app, you can enjoy many presets designed to look like old cameras. Here, you can take photos with different presets generated by the app, such as LM Color 100, Pan 100, Business 400, Yummy 100, Joey 100T, EK80, Aesthetic 400 and many more.

Each of these presets has its own unique feel and features that you can enjoy using today. The app also has a viewfinder which is just like the old cameras people used. With this, you can take vintage photos without using filters!

Download Vimo for Android

Now collect the different presets, name them, and explore all the details. Here, each movie has its components like information, year, and much more.

FIMO Abilities

If you are a true photo enthusiast, you will love FIMO! Enjoy a variety of presets that allow you to take vintage photos today.

Old school photoshoot Although analog cameras are still live and collected today, they are mainly rare. People today take pictures with digital cameras and now even their smartphones. The convenience offered by these cameras is top notch, which made analog cameras obsolete.

But thanks to the capabilities of smartphones, you can now take your photography skills to the next level. FIMO presents the best old school camera app that you can use today.

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What this app can do is that it can copy all the old school cameras that we always used back in the day. Unlike the old filters, here you can take pictures where the filters are previously applied. This means that it works just like an analog camera, but the difference is that you can enjoy a different camera today.

Here, you can access various movies like ERA 2021, New Year 2020, Unicolor 125, RDP 3 and many more. These films offer a unique look that perfectly captures the old cameras that depend on them.

Lots of signature presets – Instead of an analog camera, FIMO lets you take old school photos with presets! These presets are filters that are created to look like the real thing. This means you can enjoy the classic camera look complete with scratches, flickers, light leaks, and more.

You can then use several signature presets such as the X-Red 50, EK80, Business 400, LM Color 100, Yummy 100, Joey 100T, Pan 100, and Aesthetic 400. Each preset is made based on real analog cameras to provide a realistic touch!

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access movies – Aside from the signature presets, many of the films you can use can take your photos to the next level. This includes Gold 200, Tri-X 400, Unicolor 125, RDP 3, Delta 100, ERA 2021, New Year 2020, TS-E50 and many more!

You can add to your collection as much as you want in this app. You can also make up to six of your favorite movies in one collection for easy access. Have a fun experience today where you can take old photos!

Fun viewfinder – Apart from movies, the app also features a unique viewfinder that includes the look of the camera as well. Enjoy the buttons you can press and the unique viewfinder look!

Download FIMO Mod APK – Latest Version

If you miss taking old photos, FIMO is the app for you. Take pictures like the 50’s and share them now!