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Racing games aplenty and fun to play. But since there are so many racing games available today, you may need to dig deeper to find unique ones. Today, the type of racing game that is gaining traction is that of fun hurdles. If you want to enjoy fitness, download Fat 2 Fit now and sprint towards victory! Here, you can win by avoiding tasty burgers and eating veggies. There are a lot of other obstacles here that you will need to overcome.

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Published by Voodoo, this game lets you enjoy a unique obstacle racing game today. Here, you’ll need to avoid tasty but bad burgers and eat healthy veggies to get fit right away. Here, you will need to pass countless hurdles which will require you to be fit and some of them require you to be fat. This is a game that requires quick thinking and amazing skills today. And most of all, you will also enjoy a lot of fashion.

Get fit instantly

We have so many unique foods we can eat today. We must eat every day in order to gain strength that we can use to go to school, work or other places. But since there are a lot of fast food restaurants today, it is now easier to reach for unhealthy foods as they can also be delivered to your home. But you can get fit easily if you eat a variety of vegetables right now. In the game, Fat 2 Fit you will have to race in unique arenas.

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Here, each path is designed to have a lot of different foods and obstacles. The goal here is to be fit to cross the tracks and the finish line. Here, you can get fat easily by eating burgers and get fit by eating cucumber. But the most impressive thing here is that there are many obstacles that you will need to cross in the tracks.

There are pull rods, gaps, glass ledges, and many more. Can you complete the levels in this game?

Highlights for Fat 2 Fit

In Fat 2 Fit, you will need to monitor your weight in the game so you can win! Eat vegetables regularly today.

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get fit – In the world of racing, you can enjoy many different genres today. There are simulation racing games, car racing games, and even marathon races. But if you’re looking for something a little different, today you’ll enjoy obstacle course racing. In Fat 2 Fit you will need to get fit in order to get past certain obstacles on different tracks. But you’ll need to avoid burgers but instead eat cucumber in order to get fit right away.

In this game, you will enjoy fitness in order to get past the infinite obstacles in the game today. There are obstructions like high walls, glass floors, monkey bars, ledges and many more. You will need to be as fit as possible in the end to cross the finish line today. This is a game where you have to be fit to win, and avoid unhealthy burgers!

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Pick up a cucumber or a burger – In Fat 2 Fit you will need to get fit by eating cucumber scattered in all the courses. But you have to be wary of the burgers here too because they will let you fatten if you pick them up. But if you become obese, you can easily return to your normal weight by eating more vegetables. At the end of the race, you must be at your normal weight to reach the finish line.

Lots of obstacles levels – In this game, today you will enjoy many different obstacle courses. In each level, you will be faced with a unique challenge that you must overcome. In the beginning, the levels are easy as there are not many obstacles around. But as you complete more of them, you will find that the next levels will get more difficult. You may not even be able to completely evade a burger! Here, you will need very quick reflexes and quick thinking.

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fun graphics – Fat 2 Fit 3D graphics! Here, you just need to swipe the screen left or right in order to play. There is no need to walk because the character will do it automatically.

Download Fat 2 Fit Mod APK – Latest Version

Enjoy a fun racing game today with Fat 2 Fit! Get a unique game today where you will need to get fit.