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Those who are interested in the great life simulation game from Choices: Stories You Play will surely find themselves delighted with this new mobile game from Episode Interactive. Have fun as you dive into the amazing gameplay and in-game stories Episode Choose Your Story. Explore and experience life as it is while diving into exciting stories as the main characters.

Create your own characters and let them experience life in many interesting aspects as you dive into fantastic in-game experiences in the ring – choose your story. Play and enjoy many great romance stories, adventures, drama and story progression. Explore the endless possibilities in the game of your choice and write your own stories.

Find out more about this great life simulation game with our reviews.

a story

In the game, Android players will find themselves able to access a huge collection of epic and fun journeys that you can take on your mobile devices. However, the game offers players their fascinating life stories with many settings and scenarios. Enjoy a variety of love, romance, adventure, drama and interesting puzzles on your mobile devices.

In addition, in each journey, players are also allowed to live their own stories by creating and designing their own characters. Feel free to customize your characters the way you want and become the manager of your own stories. Immerse yourself in fantastic adventures in the game where you enjoy great gameplay where your choices matter.

That being said, in Episode – Choose Your Story, Android players can also choose their stories and your ways of approaching the game. You find yourself having a lot of fun while discovering the amazing gameplay of life simulation in different scenarios. With new stories introduced every week, you will never find yourself getting bored in the game.

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Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible life simulation for all players to enjoy

First of all, players in Episode – Choose Your Story will find themselves having access to fun and interesting life simulation experiences through simple and accessible gameplay. However, all you have to do is create your favorite characters, choose your favorite stories, and dive into each one of them while enjoying the fun gameplay to the fullest. Explore and experience the world of 100,000 stories per episode – choose your own story every time you come back to the game.

Create your own avatars and customize them the way you want

Speaking of which, when your in-game experiences start in the loop – Choose Your Story, Android players can also create and freely customize their in-game characters with different themes and features. The levels of customization and customization in the game will rival that of the famous Avakin Life.

However, you can enjoy the great freedom of play Episode – Choose Your Story With your unique personalities. Change your facial themes, switch between different hairstyles, cut and customize eyebrows, adjust noise shapes and heights, create a sexy pair of lips, and much more. Take advantage of the available customizations, which will effectively show your characteristics.

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Participate in multiple stories and meet many interesting characters

And for those of you who are interested, you will also find yourself with access to the fun and interesting life-simulation gameplay with many captivating stories and, at the same time, many cool in-game characters. Feel free to enjoy multiple interactions with your characters. Develop your friendships, rivalries, or even romantic relationships with certain characters. Choose your enemies and friends as you wish while experiencing the game in multiple ways.

Shaping and directing stories in multiple paths

Additionally, along with in-depth character interactions, players in Episode – Choose Your Story are also allowed to choose their own in-game stories and experience them on different paths. That being said, throughout the game, you will also face many dilemmas and choices that you will have to make to move forward with your in-game experiences. Discover multiple endings with each combination of options you made and enjoy great gameplay in the episode – choose your story more.

Write and post your own stories

And for those who are interested, it is also possible to write and design your own stories in the game. Feel free to create your own adventures in the game and post your stories as you explore the game further. Enjoy your own created stories and feel free to share with a friend and another episode – choose your story players.

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Enjoy many interesting stories with great settings

And to support you on your wonderful journey into the world of Episode – Choose Your Story, Android players will also find themselves able to enjoy many interesting stories from the creators of the series as well as other online publishers from around the world. Globalism. And as we mentioned, you can also become one of those great publishers by creating your own stories.

But first, let’s have a look at some of the amazing episodes in the game that you should definitely enjoy:

  • List K*SS – Find yourself immersed in Kentwood Academy, where you will meet some of the school’s hottest sexes. Complete your goal of stealing 10 kisses from the school’s hottest bachelors as you dive into the stories.
  • love life – Experience the fun life of our interesting characters in New York City as they have fun in your daily life while searching for epic romances in the game. At the same time, face the real challenges and make it big in the city of dreams.
  • baby project – And if you like everything hot and romantic, this awesome drama in Episode – Choose Your Story will impress even the most skeptical gamers. Find yourself with a hottie from Riverside High as you have fun in the romantic gameplay.
  • pretty little liars – Enjoy great mystery and puzzle gameplay, where you will guide our character to solve multiple challenges while trying to discover unknown A when you were blackmailed.
  • positive princess – And what do you know, you suddenly find yourself a princess in this wonderful episode of the game. With royal candidates from around the world wanting to marry you and have your child, a journey of drama and romance awaits.
  • Demi Lovato: The road to fame – For those of you who are interested in famous superstar Demi Lovato and would love to spend time with her, then in this amazing adventure you can even become her friend as she goes on an ultimate world tour.

All these stories mentioned are just a few of the great stories that you can have and enjoy on your mobile devices. That being said, in Episode – Choose Your Story, there will be tons of fun as you progress through the game. Feel free to play with different characters, discover many interesting stories, and enjoy the game to the fullest.

free to play

Despite having all these great features, Episode – Choose Your Story players can always find their favorite mobile game for free for you to enjoy on the Google Play Store. All it takes is to download and install the game without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

In addition, for those of you who are interested, we also offer completely unlocked gameplay of the episode – choose your story with our modified version on our website. With this, you will be able to enjoy a full game, unlimited purchases, removed ads, and more. just go to Episode Choose Your Story Mod APK on our site and you will be fine.

Picture and sound quality


Find yourself fully immersed in this amazing life simulation game in the ring – choose your story as you dive into the amazing in-game experiences. Enjoy playing through engaging stories with your brilliantly designed world, brilliant in-game visuals, beautiful graphics, and more.

sound / music

For those of you who are interested, Episode – Choose Your Story also offers powerful, moving sound effects and music that will perfectly connect you to the experiences. Enjoy the stories and music while finding yourself fully present in the game.

Download Episode – Choose Your Story Latest 23.40 Android APK

And to make the game even more interesting, players in Episode – Choose Your Story will also find themselves with access to fun and interesting life simulation experiences with plenty of interesting stories to pick up and enjoy. But most importantly, the completely free and open-ended gameplay will surely satisfy even the most skeptical gamers.