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First responders are among the most dedicated and hard working group of people, but most of the time, others don’t appreciate their efforts and dedication to their work. In this great mobile address for EMERGENCY HQ, those who respect work will find themselves working with their emergency headquarters.

Take full control of the different units within your emergency headquarters, including firefighters, ambulances, police, SWAT, hospitals, technical services and many more. You find yourself heading into different scenes of crimes, fires, accidents, medical disasters and many more, as you try to save lives, calm the situation, fight terrorists etc.

Learn more about this interesting mobile title from the promotion program and all its amazing features with our in-depth reviews.

story / gameplay

Get ready to become the first responder and start your ultimate missions to help others in need, as you enjoy building your own emergency headquarters and work on many important rescue missions. Build all kinds of emergency buildings where you can place your different rescue units, which will always be ready to go out for their missions.

You find yourself enjoying playing through a series of different missions and challenges in the game, which will allow you to control firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, doctors, police officers, special forces, and other units. Combine their different abilities to help you solve the current crisis and help the injured victims before it’s too late.

Explore various upgrades and improvements to strengthen the emergency headquarters. Embark on new adventures with more demanding missions that require better technical skills and abilities. Be the heroes today and enjoy playing the simulation game to save you.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Exciting and accessible rescue simulation game

With EMERGENCY HQ, Android players themselves will have the exciting and fun gameplay of the rescue simulator, where they will play as emergency units of many types. Enjoy performing different rescue missions to save lives and earn many rewards for yourself. Feel free to play the game whenever you want and indulge in exciting rescue missions to make it work. The realistic elements of the simulation in the game will ensure that you are all completely addicted to this great mobile title.

HQ screen emergency 2

Control each emergency unit

For those of you who are interested, you can now control each emergency unit in EMERGENCY HQ and explore their different in-game mechanics. Learn how professionals perform rescue work during many different situations including crimes, rescue missions, medical situations, fires and more.

Really get assigned to different emergency units, including firefighters, police, SWAT, hospitals, technical services, and more. Find out how they work in the line of duty and learn how to improve their work using your great approaches to different situations. The game will really show how hard firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, doctors, police officer, special forces units and other first responders work for their jobs.

Gather your troops to work on many missions

To have a successful rescue and complete your missions, EMERGENCY HQ players must learn how to combine emergency units and make the most of their services. Here, the fire department, rescue service, police department, and technical units from your headquarters must work together to tackle some issues quickly and effectively. And you, as the one controlling them, will need to learn a lot about the first response workers.

Various missions with unique settings

Speaking of which, EMERGENCY HQ will feature a variety of different missions, which take place in different places and pose different challenges for you. Here, you will need to assess the situation and quickly come up with a solution to the problems. Learn how to handle emergencies with appropriate tactics and best practice tactics for tasks to ensure successful results. Find yourself saving people from fire accidents, emergency calls in an unknown location, winter disasters, terrorists, and more.

4 emergency headquarters screen

Build and expand your bases to prepare for new challenges

To prepare for all emergencies, EMERGENCY HQ gamers will need to work on building and expanding their headquarters, which will enable a better service team and better capabilities for first responders. Have fun building different buildings for fire department, medical units, technical aid and more. Make various upgrades to give teams better equipment and powerful improvements, which will allow you to advance in the game. Prepare for the challenges ahead by continuously improving emergency centers today.

Design and decorate your base

Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested in designing and decorating aspects of the game, you are also free to improve the placements and alignment of different buildings in your emergency headquarters. Feel free to rotate and place buildings according to your plans to make sure they are all accessible and can be dispatched quickly as soon as you need them.

Also, do not forget to work on many interesting elements of decoration in the game, which will allow you to customize buildings, characters, vehicles and other in-game items with unique designs. Follow the different themes to decorate the game freely as you like.

With the World of Emergency community now available to all players, you can join it using the Google Play service or Facebook account. Here, it is possible to unlock your social friends who are also playing the game to have a look at their progress and provide assistance for their rescue work. Feel free to visit others and open your HQ to visitors at EMERGENCY HQ. Make new friends and join the global leaderboard to double your fun in the game.

3 emergency headquarters screen

Level up your HQ to unlock new features

And for those who are interested, you can now level up your HQ to unlock more features in the game. To make sure that players don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of content the game offers, new players are limited to certain in-game features. As you progress through complete missions and challenges, you can earn rewards and experience points, which will help level up your HQ. Here, you can start to unlock more features in the game and enjoy its new content.

Complete achievements to earn great rewards

To make the game more fun and exciting, EMERGENCY HQ will now provide many achievements that you can strive to complete and earn many great rewards. At the same time, you can also earn bragging rights with friends.

Enjoy the game in different languages

For easier access to EMERGENCY HQ for mobile players, you can now switch between several different language options while playing the game, which will allow you to enjoy the game in your native language. You have no problem understanding the game in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian and more.

Connect and sync your game progress

And with the account connected online, players can also sync their in-game data from EMERGENCY HQ to make sure they don’t lose their progress. Enjoy playing the game whenever you want without worrying about your data. You can easily recover and restore them when installing the game on new devices, simply by reconnecting to your old accounts.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features and fun gameplay, EMERGENCY HQ is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. So if you are interested in the game, you can easily get it from Google Play Store without having to pay anything. However, since it is still a free app, there will be ads that may annoy you. And if you want to unlock more features, there will be in-game purchases that you need to pay for.

Enjoy the modified game on our website

To avoid having to pay for the full game while still enjoying its full content, players at EMERGENCY HQ can now choose to enjoy the modified version of EMERGENCY HQ on our website instead. Here, we present the modified game with ads removed and unlocked features, which will allow you to get the most out of it without having to pay. All it takes is to download a file EMERGENCY HQ Mod APKFollow the instructions provided to unlock it, and you can begin your first responder missions.

Picture and sound quality


With EMERGENCY HQ, Android players will be able to customize the graphics within the game, depending on their hardware and preferences. Here, you can choose from different modes to change the in-game FPS regarding battery consumption. Feel free to enjoy the game in 30fps, 60fps, 90fps and 120fps, as long as the screen and battery can support the game. Customize the HUD indent to change the way it is displayed on the screen. Enable or disable emergency personnel and vehicles of your choice. And the list goes on.

sound and music

At the same time, EMERGENCY HQ also provides adjustable sound settings, which will allow Android gamers to enjoy the great mobile title in their own way. Feel free to adjust sfx and music volume. And even customize the siren to suit your country preferences. With realistic sound effects and in-game designed sound, EMERGENCY HQ will surely make the gameplay more exciting and immersive for all mobile users.

last thoughts

Get ready to enjoy this amazing mobile title for EMERGENCY HQ, where you will learn everything you need to about the business of first responders. Experience the full thrill and excitement, as you learn to control different emergency units in your efforts to handle many challenging situations to ensure the safety of victims and first responders. Enjoy playing through various amazing missions that will present you with incredible challenges. And feel free to experience the realistic elements of the rescue simulation in the game, which will surely make EMERGENCY HQ a great mobile title to honor these people.