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A dog is man’s best friend and faithful. Some dogs are also characters in many films and become famous. Dudu It is also an action and adventure game based on the image of a dog. The full name of the game is Duddu – My Virtual Pet. You will meet the dog and keep it. He is a very cute dog who lives in a wonderful world full of fun and adventure. It will also bring you many new experiences.

Explore the dog’s home and personal clothes

Duddu is one of the prominent games created and presented by Bubadu. The game is available on both Google Play and the App Store. You can download for free on mobile devices running on Android and iOS platforms.

In the game, your dog lives in a well-equipped house with many rooms like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. The dog’s bedroom contains a bed, a desk, a laptop, books, a bookshelf, … The furniture is arranged appropriately in each room. In addition, the player can redecorate the dog house with many new furniture with different designs and materials. The floors of the bathroom and kitchen are wood or ceramic. Hang new wallpapers in the bedroom. Or buy a new carpet for the living room. Furniture will be purchased with coins or gems. Moreover, when you raise a new level, you will unlock the new furniture. You can easily decorate the dog house in a classic or modern style thanks to a variety of furniture systems. You can also customize outside the home. Put in a new roof, paint the walls a new color, or make a new fence.

Like different dogs, the player can buy clothes, hats, ties, necklaces and many more things for your pet. Besides, a dog’s eyes and fur can change to different colours. There are many options that you can choose. Buy lots of new clothes and accessories to change your dog daily.

With bright colors and sharp image, the items will increase the players experience. The character is very cute and funny. In addition, the lively sounds help you feel happy while taking care of your dog. From the sound of a dog talking on the phone or getting angry to the soundtrack of mini games.

Duddu 2 . screen

Be the owner of the dog

Participate in Duddu, the player will take care of the dog with the role of the owner. You will have to do everything. than feeding the dog when he is hungry; Bathe, keep the dog clean and healthy to sleep when he is tired or play with your dog, wash the clothes. For example, when your dog sleeps, you need to close the window and turn off all the lights. You also need to wash your dog’s hands often to ensure clean eating. To take better care of your pet, the publisher showed dog thinking. You can fulfill your dog’s requirements with these ideas. For example, when there is a thought about food, you should feed it. Let’s squeeze the dog’s mind to understand the requirements more quickly. The player needs to clean the dog house because there is a lot of garbage that the dogs take out after a day of playing.

For various meals for the dog, the publisher provided many types of food on Dodo. From bread, cucumber and ice cream to salad, sushi, pasta… At first the game offers only 5 dishes to the player, but the dishes will gradually increase as you beat each level. You can buy coffee at level 9. Open level 22, you can buy cherries. You can buy food and drink in the market or click on the “shopping cart” icon to purchase products. In addition to food and drink, Duddu also has miraculous potion flasks that will help your dog feel instantly euphoric or full. Give him the medicine potion marked with the moon symbol to get him to sleep.

Duddu screen 1

Entertainment with mini games and interesting places

With more than 30 different mini games, you will have many options to play with your dog. Bubble Shooter, Solitaire, Archer, Pirate Battle, Brick Breaker, Block Puzzle, Treasure Island, Moto Racer, Fruit Connect, Space Explorer, Hen Farm and many more cooking games and many more. These games are also places where you can earn some coins or other goods. The coins help the player to buy a lot of food, clothes and furniture for his dog. In addition, you can join in mini-games while your dog is walking down the street. Touch the motorcycle to join the Moto Racer. Or touch the balls to play Bubble Shooter. You can play Bee Ambush when you touch the bees. If your dog is too tired, you can’t play mini games. So you have to put him to bed. After a while, it’s better, you can restart. You can also play the game in dog dreams. Let’s play games with your dog so that he is always happy and smiling.

Duddu 3 . screen

Besides, there are many interesting places in Duddu like club, gym, gallery, music center and dog school. Dance with friends at the club, work out in the gym, paint at the art gallery or play a piece on drums or piano at the music center. To go places, you need to guide the dog to the left. Your dog will be so much fun when he is participating in these activities. You are also visiting a friend’s house. Sometimes friends call your dog and invite him to visit their house. These houses bring you many ideas to decorate your pet.

The game has supported 27 player languages. These languages ​​are English, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. Several languages ​​will help players understand and carry out missions. You can choose the display language in the game setting.

Duddu 0 . screen

Build real friendship with virtual pets

There are daily challenges in Duddu MOD APK. You must complete it to get acquainted with the dog’s habits. This will build the good friend between you and your virtual pet. You also need to check your mailbox every day, and you will find a surprising gift from a special friend. Taking care of a pet gives you a sense of responsibility. You need to make your dog happy, feed and bathe him or play with your pet. The player can take care of his dog anywhere and whenever he has free time or needs to relax. Because the game does not require internet connection. Let’s take good care of your dog.