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Fun 3D Boxing for All Ages: Download Curvy Punch 3D for Android now to experience a fun and exotic boxing game for mobile devices. Stretch your arms to unprecedented lengths, only to receive the perfect punch.

How to play Curvy Punch

The goal is to beat your opponents snot. Stretch out your punches and watch them roll into their faces. Drop their health to zero to claim victory.

Winning will give you coin and coins. You can use these coins to improve your boxer’s stats. These stats will determine how strong, strong and flexible you are in battle.


However, here are three different stats that you can increase in-game:

Energy: Obviously, this stat determines the power behind each punch. The higher the force, the harder your blows will become.

health: As expected, your health will decide how strong your boxer is. Without any healthy upgrades, your character will faint in just a few light taps. So, make sure to keep decent health stats at all times to stay alive longer.

stretch: Finally, the law of stretching is directly related to the perforation distance. How much ground can a single punch cover? Make sure to keep that stat high, if you want to hit your opponents before they can even get to you.


Focus on working on these three stats, depending on your fighting style. Prefer a tank that does tons of damage while taking hits? Or do you want a glass cannon that can hit an opponent with one punch from any distance, but will lose with one hit? Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how you want to fight.

Boxing game controls

The controls are also simple. Tapping around the screen will move your boxer in that specific direction. And once you’re ready to throw a punch, swipe up. Hitting will fire a rubber punch from any distance, right in front of you.


Curvy Punch 3D for Android also looks good. Boxing game appears from a third person perspective. You will always see from the perspective of your boxer.

In addition, the simple 3D graphics keep the game fresh for all ages. The game does not look so realistic that it does not lose the attention of the younger players. And vice versa, minor details aren’t a turn off for older players either.

curvy-punch-3d-apk-latest version

The arm animation is also pretty wacky. If the game were realistic, the flexibility of the boxers’ arms would be worrisome, to say the least. This is where the art style and 3D trend shine the most—as your boxer works.

All in all, the game does a good job with its visual presentation. It’s nothing special, but it gets the job done.

Curvy Punch 3D Mod APK Free Download

Get the latest Curvy Punch Mod APK for Android to get some minor benefits other than the usual features. This is to improve your gaming experience, and implement some shortcuts.


With that being said, you can include the following features of the modded version:

With these, you can instantly level up with all the coins you will ever need. Download this superior version for your Android device now!