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From the previous version of Victoria II, Paradox Interactive has released its sequel Victoria 3 which will take you into the era of 1836. You will be tasked with getting to know different societies and meeting famous people from before.

You, as the person in charge of the nation, must keep in mind the various aspects such as population, politics, and economy. Everything will work to your liking.

To give you an idea of ​​how to play, we have prepared this guide to help you understand how goods and resources work in Victoria 3.

How to get the Goods and Resources Guide in Victoria 3

Source: Paradox Grand Strategy

Victoria 3 has four different types of merchandise. It is a basic, industrial, luxury and military item.

All of these things can be used by your employees to support them in different aspects. Some of them will be used to feed people, develop your economy, support and improve the army, and there are also others for vices.

provide for needs

The first and primary use of your merchandise in Victoria 3 should be given and distributed to people to meet their needs in their daily lives.

As you already know, each group, Or pop as they call it in the gameHe has different needs. In order to satisfy their needs, they will buy the goods they need. Once they have enough supplies to meet their needs, the population will be much richer and wealthier.

If the population becomes wealthy, they will be more productive, resilient and more loyal to the government.

Source: Paradox Grand Strategy

Remember that certain groups of people treat some goods differently than others. This is influenced by their traditions or cultures called obsessions and the Muharram.

For example, as shown in the photo, it is natural that the British love tea, and the Chinese love opium. An example of a taboo is the liquor and wine of the Arabs.

construction work

Another essential use of commodities is to provide supplies for construction. Government buildings will be among the first buildings in which you have to use goods for construction.

For each state, there will be two things to consider. that’s it arable land and the Resource potential.

The arable land of the country indicates its maximum capacity for cultivation. In turn, resource potential determines what or how much of each natural resource can be used. In short, you can only produce a large amount of a given commodity in a state with potential resources.

Source: Paradox Grand Strategy

You can also discover oil, gold, and rubber in your county. This will add them as resource possibilities.

You can make finding these resources easier by using certain technologies.

On the merchandise information pageyou can check information on where the resource potentials of a particular product are located, as well as where they are produced and consumed.

You can check it out in the market panel.