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The war on Germany began. Take your troops to the battlefield. You are responsible for leading all their actions. Therefore, failure is not an option. Download Company of Heroes for Android to enjoy a high stakes strategy game for mobile devices.

Download Heroes Company for Android

Get out your notebook and make sure you keep track of all tactics and game plans. The battlefield is fierce, and you need to use everything in your arsenal to bring your men home in one piece!

Various features in Company of Heroes

Before embarking on this total war between nations, you will want to know a few things related to the actual gameplay. So, take a moment to look at all the different features offered in Company of Heroes.

Not to worry, if you want to skip straight to the download, it’s still easy to learn everything. You can start playing without prior knowledge and become an expert in a matter of minutes. To that extent, knowing the features will bring you closer to mastering the game.


Now, here are the different characteristics that everyone should pay attention to…

Real-time strategy game on mobile: Learn the ropes of a real strategy game where all your decisions will matter in the long run of play. If you really want to achieve a quick victory over your opponents, you will need to think and devise a powerful counter attack. The Command Wheel feature is designed to make all aspects of strategic planning easier and accessible for your Android mobile device.

Various missions based on war: You will play through 15 different missions, managing a squad of US forces. The goal is clear, you relive the battles of World War II (WWII) and thus you will face the mighty German forces. Be aware, these missions are challenging and will require extensive thinking and tactics to emerge victorious.

Heroes Company apk latest version

The shape of the entire battlefield: The environment in which you are fighting is completely destructible! Enjoy completely recreating the battlefield into your own image. Once each mission was completed, the land would have been marred by the signs of a fierce battle.


As far as the graphics are concerned, Company of Heroes is mid to high. All visuals are realistic and immersive. The game is viewed from a bird’s eye view so you can measure the entire battlefield. This works perfectly with the strategic side of the gameplay. Therefore, there should be no room for complaint.

In addition, various models, such as tanks and soldiers, are of high quality and maintain immersion. You will feel as if you are the main commander of the ensuing battle.


What better way to enjoy a strategy game than what has already been offered here? We’ll answer that, there is no better way!

Company of Heroes Mod APK Free Download – Unlimited Money

Get the latest version of Company of Heroes APK to enjoy some extras and additional benefits compared to the traditional Play Store download. These benefits will make installation and play more accessible to users.

For example, maybe you don’t have enough space on your device for many games. This might make you think twice about adding another great game to your library. This issue is resolved immediately when you download Company of Heroes APK Android.

Go ahead and download the APK file for your Android device now! The battle has just begun.