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Pixel art: color by number It is a coloring application based on pixel art. Players will choose from a selection of very interesting pictures and follow the numbers to bring them to life. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors, and complete them to share with your friends. Pixel Art: Color by Number is a mobile coloring book with addictive pictures and easy coloring by numbers. You will have a selection of images with different themes, use a variety of colors to express your creativity, draw and relax every day, forgetting the fatigue of life. Convert any image from your phone or tablet to pixel version and color it by numbers directly on the app.

Pixel Art: Color by Number contains lots of funny pictures of animals, fruits, candy, sandboxes or smileys. You need to choose the picture you want and the color you want. Start coloring according to the marked numbers, allowing images to be enlarged for more accurate coloring. Then, share with friends via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

general information

You are an art lover and want to create beautiful images quickly and easily. Pixel art: coloring by numbers will help you make this dream come true. The application provides many drawing styles in the form of digital squares with different themes and simple drawing operations, which helps you to create the most beautiful and impressive works.

If you love to draw but you are not talented at this then don’t worry because the app will provide the drawings as a simple number square. Your only task is to color according to the pre-arranged digital squares. The app comes with a variety of templates, with many variations of genres. From simple to complex nature pictures to cute cartoon characters, it provides many options for users to enjoy coloring their wonderful pictures.

During the drawing process, users can easily zoom in or out the picture to fill in the number boxes, creating the most complete and satisfying picture. Besides the various photo samples that the app provides, you can even connect to your photo library or directly take your favorite photos, and turn them into pixel-detailed photos. Draw awesome paint, color and create awesome pictures of yourself and share with friends and everyone.

With the app, you can enjoy creating images, working with your style. Show your personal feelings through these special pictures. The app not only helps you to create your own photos but also helps users to enjoy the relaxing moments, forgetting the stresses of life. Let’s use and create the most impressive works.

background story

Pixel Art: Color by Number is a casual coloring book game launched by EZJoy. The game is suitable for all users over 10 years old. Earlier, EasyBrain introduced the same mobile coloring book game Coloring Game to create a mobile version of Secret Garden, including Color by Number and this game. The standard gameplay is the same, but it also has unique features.

Pixel Art: Color by Number is a coloring book game that releases stress and relaxes the body and mind. Firstly, it contains a huge amount of material and content. There are thousands of image updates every day, providing players with endless fun experience by selecting numbers. The method directs players to match colors to improve display of images.

Besides flowers, seedlings, fish, common insects and other scenery, animals and plants, it adds many character modeling colors to make the content more abundant. If the daily life is disturbed by the huge pressure, then Pixel Art: Color by Number will become a stress relief casual mobile game that is very suitable for you.

Overall Ratings

Come and experience the fun of drawing and coloring in Pixel Art: coloring by number of friends and family. There are unicorns, cute animals, cartoons, fun food, and a variety of themes for you to choose from. Each theme comes in five fantasy colors. The number of grids helps you to complete the game. You don’t need to be proficient in drawing to become a little artist. Filling according to the number grid, you can smoothly complete all kinds of cute patterns. There will be surprises after completion.

You can share the work done on social media sites and interact with friends. Perfect entertainment experience, relax in the board. It is a suitable game for the whole family to play together. There are many themes to choose from, each theme has five colors to enjoy the fun of drawing.

Pixel Art: Color by Number is a casual mobile game. The game contains a lot of pet animations related to pokemon. And you can discover the fun in this game by constantly trying it. You will experience the meaning of true happiness by playing with friends. This game adopts the classic pixel style. As long as you feel it from your heart, you can make your mood more relaxed.

As long as you have a certain ability, you can enjoy a new experience in the eyes of different players. You can save the items you’ve created so you can collect them as well. This game is family-friendly for people of any age, providing this kind of fun and stress-free moments, allowing players to relax and create the best entertainment. Color sandbox pixel count helps develop color and number recognition, enhancing its focus and stability in the most fun and creative way.

Polysphere is a brand new brain teaser puzzle game with simple but very challenging gameplay from Playgendary. You need to swipe to rotate the 3D puzzle until you get a complete picture.

Relax and enjoy your masterpieces in the colorful 3D Polysphere world. This is a puzzle style puzzle game. But unlike the puzzle gameplay in Tetris or Fish Frenzy Mania, each puzzle results in an object divided into many small pieces.

In the first place, you can’t tell which thing is found in each puzzle. This is what you have to find out. To solve the puzzle, you need to rotate the group of pieces called magic cloud to find a specific position to make the small pieces fit together into a complete shape. The shape can be a strawberry, a diamond or an astronaut.

Not knowing exactly, it creates the image that is the challenge in the game. Messing around with the puzzle for a while, or if you’re lucky, you can quickly solve it. Of course, it is impossible to rely entirely on luck to figure out which puzzle you need based on your ability to observe and judge.

last words

Pixel Art: Color by Number contains a collection of more than 300 beautiful drawings with ten different category themes. You can choose the desired image. Then color in the required numbers. The application has an easy-to-use interface and is suitable for all ages. The application has a collection of more than 300 beautiful drawings that you can search for and choose the desired drawings to color.

Pixel Art: Color by Number guides you through coloring by numbers, helping you use color to blend into a more artistic and unique picture. You can search for and select drawings more easily when the app divides drawings according to the theme of each category, including people, things, animals, and flowers.