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If you love reading books in the fantasy genre, the beginning after the end book can be a light novel for you. From its title, you can say that this novel is about life after death or also known as isekai.


The story of beginning after the end book is about the life of the late King Grey. His death is mysterious and untimely. After his death, he is reborn as Arthur Leywin. In his new life, he tries to correct his mistakes in the past. He becomes part of a new continent of Dicathen that looks vibrant with magic and fantastic creatures.

Arthur still remembers his previous life as a powerful king in his mid-thirties. With this knowledge, he starts his new life as a child of two retired adventurers. With his ability to wield magic, he gains purpose in life through his adventures. This is something he did not have in his past life.

Arthur decides to live a courageous, kind, and sincere life with the people he loves after a dragon protects him by sacrificing her life. He starts his long journey to find his destined place in this world. He does not do it alone because he has a lost elf princess and the Elven Kingdom of Elenoir for help.

Years pass by. Arthur feels much more comfortable with his life in this world. From the beginning after the end light novel, he becomes a respected figure despite his young age. Nevertheless, a war rises between Dicathen and the Vritra, a clan of banished deities that is ruling over a faraway continent. The war brings Deja-vu to Arthur.

Arthur has to be a leader although he is afraid of becoming a monster hardened by the war, just as he used to be in his past life. With the war going on, Arthur finds out that his rebirth in this world is not by chance and he is not alone.


The novel is still ongoing on Tapas. You can read The Beginning After The End to Volume 9. First volume is called Early Years. The continuation of volume one is called New Heights. The third volume entitles Beckoning Fates while the fourth one is Horizon’s Edge. Next, there is also Convergence as volume 5, Transcendence as volume 6, and Divergence as volume 7. Ascension becomes the title of volume 8. Before volume 9 was released, there is also volume 8.5 called Amongst the Fallen. Volume 9 entitled Reckoning is still ongoing on the reading platform. It seems that the story of the beginning after the end book will continue further.

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