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The car is familiar to us. But if you want to search for private cars, The car eats the car 3 It will help you to do this. The full name of the game is Car Eats Car 3: Racing Simulator – Fast Drive. Car Eats Car 3 is a racing game. Car Eats Car 3 is also the latest release in the Car Eats Car series. In the game, you can own monster cars. Besides, you can destroy different vehicle on your way. Now let’s test this out in Car Eats Car 3.

Explore beautiful places

Car Eats Car 3 is a game designed and published by SMOKOKO LTD. They are a game development studio and publisher in Rivne, Ukraine that was established in 2010 as a flash game developer. Car Eats Car 3 is available on Google Play, App Store, and Amazon. So you can install the game on mobile devices and tablets running on Android and iOS operating systems. Car Eats Car 3 is free to download and is for single player only.

In the game, you will race in many beautiful places. In a city with many tall buildings or an area with large boulders. There are different places that you can explore. Besides, the graphics quality is very high and very colorful. This will help players to better experience Car Eats Car 3. Car Eats Car 3 also has a cartoon style. They will bring a comfortable feeling to the players. Moreover, the sound of the game is lively. In Car Eats Car 3 you can hear the noise of the engines. An exciting soundtrack will always be played during the game. This will make you feel happy. But if you want to turn off the sound, let’s move on to setting up the game.

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Start driving and fight the cops

When you start playing Car Eats Car 3, you will be guided how to control your car. In the race, your car can go up a lot of slopes. And sometimes your car can tip over when you’re running too fast or going down slopes. So you need to use the TILT buttons to balance your car. The TILT buttons will be on the left side of the screen. Besides, there are plenty of cops who will chase after you and meet you. If the cops catch your car, you can speed up with the turbo button on the right side to overtake them. In addition, many enemies will appear on your way. To destroy enemies, you can use bombs. You can collect bombs on the way. Let’s remember how to control your car to run faster. Don’t let the cops arrest you.

There will be a lot of rubies on your way. Let’s collect it to upgrade your car. Each car will be four pointers until you upgrade. Those are Armor, Turbo, Speed, Damage. Each pointer will require a different number of rubies. Therefore, you will need to collect a lot of rubies to upgrade all indicators at the same time. Spins and daily bonuses will also bring you rubies. So play Car Eats Car 3 every day to receive them. To support you in upgrading your vehicle, the diffuser has provided a garage for you. Let’s go to the garage and upgrade your cars to keep the police off your back in the chase.

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Cool cars, drones and useful gadgets

In order not to get bored, Car Eats Car 3 has presented a lot of cool cars. There are 27 different cars you can own. Harvester, Lokomachine, Francopstein, Tankominator, Hovercraft, Icebreaker, etc. Each car will have its own skills. The more expensive the cars, the more powerful they are. So you have to think about buying all the cars gradually or saving money to own the most powerful car. But sometimes you just need to complete the mission given by the game to receive the different cars.

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Besides, the game has also introduced some drones to help players defeat many enemies. Mr. Bombastic will throw little bombs at your enemies. But the sting of its poisonous piranha can destroy enemies. Moreover, the tools will help you to hunt down and smash enemies. The magnet generates a magnetic field that attracts the sapphire. It will emit an electromagnetic pulse emitter that paralyzes enemies around you. There are many useful tools that you can use.

In addition, there are up to 16 languages ​​in Car Eats Car 3. These languages ​​are English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Russian. They will help many players in the world to understand and do the tasks of the game more quickly. Let’s open the game settings and choose the language that will be displayed.

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Be the best game with many players in the world

With colorful graphics and vibrant sound, Car Eats Car 3 will take you to the real race. Overtake police cars in colorful locations of bustling city, infernal desert or paradise island. These are also elements that help the game to attract players in the world. Besides, you will drive cool cars, beat your enemies and escape from prison. There are no fines in the Car Eats Car 3 arcade racing simulator, but you can go to jail! But don’t let the bad cops arrest you. This will help you improve your skills and agility.

In addition, the variety of cars will make the game more interesting. Upgrade your cars with increased speed, ammo, weapons, nitro and turbo boosts. You can also create unique cars from the parts obtained in each level of the race. Moreover, the game does not require internet connection. So you can relax with Car Eats Car 3 whenever you feel tired and stressed. Because of the above things, Car Eats Car 3 has become the best game with many players. Let’s install Car Eats Car 3 and take part in intense car battles.