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bed wars It is an action game that is a remake of Minecraft with family battle content. You have to protect your bed and destroy the enemy bed to win.

Bed Wars brings together many players in Blockman Go and has team-based PVP gameplay. The player defends his base from the bed and uses all the resources to destroy someone else’s bed. If you have played Egg Wars before, you will find that Bed Wars has the same gameplay. However, instead of protecting your eggs, you need to protect your bed.

general information

Bed Wars is an exploration and building game based on the popular Minecraft survival adventure game from Magical Blocks from Mojang. The game has a clear mission. The player must build a family and prevent other players from destroying it. In the meantime, you can destroy the opponent’s bed. At the start of Bed Wars, players will need to wait a while for the number of players online to reach 16.

At this point, you will divide 16 players into four groups, and each group will go to one island. The island is very similar to the world of Minecraft. On that island, you can collect resources, find places to store, transport valuable materials, and then use them to craft armor. You must also hide all the beds on the island. When the time comes, players can start building bridges to other players’ islands and try to destroy their own family.

The sixteen players were divided equally into four teams. They were born on four different islands. Players on the team can recover as long as the bed remains. On the island there are iron, gold and diamonds for players to collect and use to exchange with merchants and get equipment and weapons.

You can also use equipment and square blocks to collect more resources on the central island. Build bridges to enemy island, destroy family, and kill them. The team that survives to the end will win the game.

Bed Wars 1 شاشة screen

How to play Bed Wars

Bed Wars is one of the best Minecraft games for many years. It differs from the quietness of the Towny game mode. You and your teammates will fight with other teams. The sole purpose is to protect your bed. What determines victory in this game mode? It sounds silly but Bed Wars is causing a fever in the international Minecraft communities.

Bed Wars is a game mode in which players fight with each other to protect their team’s bed from the attack of other teams. In this game, you will appear on an island, and you will have a bed in front of the island. Your goal is to defend against other teams. About the gameplay in Bed Wars, it is clear that you are trying to protect your team’s bed and destroy the opponent’s bed.

  • iron – gold: These are two types of metals used to buy basic blocks of weapons and tools. Iron – The gold will be in the center of the base. Collect a large amount of iron and gold to purchase a bulkhead building block to protect the team bed.
  • Diamond: Appears around the main islands of the playing teams. There will be diamond spawn islands. Navigate through diamond spawn islands to earn and upgrade features, equipment, such as the Respawn Machine, Sword, Armor, and gadgets.
  • emerald: On the largest island in the center, there will be an emerald spawning place. Please collect emeralds to buy more advanced items and protect your bed from the enemy. Try to protect your bed from rips. If they destroy the bed, you will not be able to come back to life after your death and you will lose the game.

Game highlights

In battle, physical mines or shops selling basic tools will appear to help you create a protective bedside barrier, or weapons such as swords and shields to support players in combat. The pool occupies the physical space and using the right strategy will determine the player’s victory or defeat. Resources in the game include iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds.

Iron and Gold are the two easiest resources to collect because they will appear in your main base. These types of resources help players buy blocks that help create a fence to protect the bed and buy basic weapons like swords. Diamonds will appear around the player’s base. Collecting diamonds helps players create an advantage when upgrading more powerful weapons and other support tools like armor or ore drills.

And finally, emeralds are the ingredients that appear on the largest island. Collecting emeralds will help your team to buy more advanced equipment to gain a huge advantage in the battle. Bed Wars offers a wide variety of apparel for users. Build a character according to your preferences. It creates excitement for players because each character they invest in expresses their personality to other players.

Diverse weapon systems provide many options for players. Besides basic weapons like swords, players can also use axes, bows, arrows, shields, or mining tools. Besides, weapon upgrades create competition between players. Weekly events with attractive rewards are also factors that bring motivation to players. Besides, ranking mode helps players to show their level to talk about their abilities with other opponents.

Overall Ratings

At the beginning of the game, four teams will be dropped on four different islands where there will be a bed that you need to protect. The bed is the goal that all players aim for. When your bed is intact, it will revive the player after each death. Destroying the bed means that you will lose and you have to finish the battle. Abandon enemy islands to fight and break the opponent’s bed, you and your teammates must build bridges that can move around and attack the enemy base.

The game maker uses the graphics and context in Bed Wars like the popular Minecraft game. It makes the game more familiar to the players. The place is built harmoniously and beautifully, with a charming bed as the dominant theme. With the success that Minecraft has ever had, there is nothing to blame for the graphics that the game brings.

The characters in the game are detailed and lively with features that cannot be mixed with other games. They also focus on developing weapons in a variety of designs and colors. Background music is not used in the game to create player focus to help players easily communicate with other members, and implement team strategies. The sound of walking or fighting is created to create excitement for the player.

Bed Wars 2 . screen

Blockman Go is the best among the engaging mini games. You will have amusing moments with your friends through engaging free games and chat to make friends with players from all over the world.

last words

Bed Wars MOD APK It comes with interesting gameplay, players will engage in intense battles with their teammates to protect the base and fight with other opponents. The game helps players to demonstrate their skills and ability to think strategically in coordination with their teammates. It will be a game that will help you enjoy relaxing gaming moments after hours of stressful work and study. Play the game now and don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments to share with everyone.

Coming to Bed Wars, players will be alongside their teammates to defend the base while trying to destroy the enemy base. The game has the same graphics and context as the popular Minecraft game. Along with the weapon system, the various levels of gameplay will become the favorite game of many creatures.