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To Work on your own technical drawings and drawings, AutoCAD – DWG Viewer & Editor It is undoubtedly a great portable tool for the job.

an introduction

Mobile users will now have the option to enjoy the perfect drawing and drafting tools of AutoCAD with the mobile version of the popular PC program available on any of their Android devices. Simply use the app to start drawing, sketching, drafting, viewing DWG files, and editing AutoCAD work on the go.

You don’t have any problems enabling and using the app on all your Android devices, thanks to the enhanced features, which will allow it to keep working without any hassles. Enjoy quick and easy login options to start using the app whenever you want. Similar to DWG FastView, you can use AutoCAD to quickly view DWG files. But the advanced application will offer much more than that.

Find out more about this great mobile application from Autodesk Inc. and all its amazing features by our comprehensive reviews.

What do you do, or what do you do?

With AutoCAD, Android users will have the perfect portable tool to create and work on their numerous drawings of construction sites, architectural designs, and more. All of this will make AutoCAD an ideal mobile application for architects, engineers, construction professionals, contractors and many others who work in construction work.

By having the full-featured mobile version of the popular software available on your Android devices, you can now view, edit, and join others in working on any of your AutoCAD drafts and drawings. Feel free to explore the multiple features within the app to freely design and edit your creative and technical work on the go.

You have no problems using the app to work on your construction projects whenever and wherever you want. Unleash fast and convenient tools to enhance your in-app experience to the fullest. Take advantage of advanced options to freely edit and customize your work. And the list goes on.


For those who are interested, you can now get the free version of AutoCAD from the Google Play Store, which is a must-have for all Android users to enjoy on the go. You have no problems enjoying the free app and its many free features on your mobile devices. However, the freemium app will ask you to pay for in-app subscriptions if you want to unlock its full features.

And just like other Android apps, it is highly recommended that you update your mobile devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 7.0 and above, which will greatly improve your in-app stability and general compatibility with your system.

In addition, to enjoy AutoCAD and its many features, mobile users will need to provide the application with certain access permissions, which are prompted when you first enter the application. Make sure to consider options and accept requests so you can always get the most out of their features.

Cool Features

Here are all the exciting features that the app offers:

Easily access and edit DWG files

With AutoCAD available on your mobile devices, Android users can now easily access and edit DWG files with ease. You have no problems getting into the app and accessing your drawings and drafts from your on-premises, external cloud, repositories, emails, received message attachments, and more. You have no problems opening and editing all your DWG files anywhere, anytime.

Create and work on new CAD drawings quickly

For those of you who are interested, you can now quickly create and work on new CAD drawings. You have no problems using the app to create your new drawings and drafts in the app. Take full advantage of its features to enable PC-like editing experiences. In addition, with the application fully optimized for many touch screen devices and tablets with a pen, you can always enjoy AutoCAD to the fullest.

You don’t have any problems editing your AutoCAD drawings

To make the application more interesting, AutoCAD users can now have a CAD editor to edit and mark up their drawings. Enjoy the improved mobile app with its many PC features now available on the Android platform, so you won’t have any problems modifying AutoCAD drawings and designs.

Import your values ​​from Leica DISTO

With AutoCAD, Android users can easily edit their creative work using the values ​​imported from Leica DISTO. This will ensure that you can always get the most accurate and appropriate values ​​for your construction design.

Object shots and keyboard inputs are available

And for those who are interested, you can now take advantage of AutoCAD’s convenient Object Snap and Keypad inputs to freely draw and edit shapes within the app. Enjoy getting your perfect and accurate graphics through the app with object shots. And you have no problems entering your commands and values ​​using the keyboards.

Enjoy advanced artistic drawing and editing tools

To make better use of the mobile application, AutoCAD users can choose to enable advanced technical drawings and editing tools from the application to enable their effective work on certain drafts and designs. You have no problems enabling advanced technical graphics and using great editing tools for arcs, offsets, and more.

Convenient touch controls to display your things

With convenient touch controls available, AutoCAD users can now freely view and interact with their many objects with complete ease. Simply enter the application and select specific objects to start working with it. Move, rotate and scale objects with intuitive touch controls and gesture commands. View detailed coordinates and properties of your objects in AutoCAD without any problems.

Intuitive block-based editing features

With useful block-based editing features, AutoCAD users can easily interact with their drafts and drawings, block by block. Choose to move, duplicate or edit existing blocks to customize the 3D designs as you like.

Measure accurately and quickly with AutoCAD

Here at AutoCAD, construction professionals can be more confident in their many measurements, which will ensure the most accurate and fast tools for mobile users. You have no problems adding your perfect measurements so that the drafts look identical to your designs.

Manage Your Creative Business With Classes

With the many layers available in your creative work, AutoCAD users can freely organize their projects, simply disabling, enabling or editing certain layers. Use the app so you can manage your layers, create new layers, lock your layers, rename or delete certain layers to make your AutoCAD drawings more consistent and intuitive.

Enjoy the app with or without internet

By allowing mobile users to enjoy the application even when they are offline, Autodesk will make the DWG tool accessible and convenient for all construction workers. Don’t have any problems getting into the app and taking advantage of its many features to view and edit your work. Additionally, you can always enable sync options and other cloud services once you’re back online.

Protect your graphics with a free Autodesk account

For those interested, you can now protect your many drawings in AutoCAD, simply by connecting to your Autodesk account. Choose to register your new account so you can protect your drawings while working with AutoCAD. Or link to your existing Autodesk account to unlock the mobile version of the app, if you already have the premium subscription available.

Work seamlessly on different platforms

With the app available on your mobile devices, it is now possible for mobile users to collaborate freely in real time with their teams. Choose to connect and share your projects with other members, as long as they use AutoCAD. In addition, to enhance your AutoCAD experiences, the application will offer its multiple programs for your PC and mobile platforms. Hence, make sure that you can enjoy your seamless in-app experiences across multiple devices.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app by using our mod

And last but not least, for those who are interested in the premium version of AutoCAD but don’t want to pay for in-app subscriptions, you can now opt for the Premium Unlocked version of the app on our website instead. Here, we present the modded app with ads removed and unlimited features for you to enjoy on the go. Simply download AutoCAD Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and you are good to go.

Final judgments

With its fully optimized mobile version, AutoCAD will allow Android users to freely explore their DWG files on the go and easily edit their drafts without having to use their desktop software. Don’t have any problems working with the intuitive app and enjoy its many features to improve your construction projects.