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Do you like animals? Do you want to try job management? If the answers are all yes, then we recommend you a great game to try- Zoocraft. This version is called Zoocraft: Animal Family.

Zoocraft illustrates the modeling community in a zoo, imagined through vibrant graphics. This game will be a blast in terms of graphics and content. Children or adults, Zoocraft: Animal Family will become your first choice on breaks.

general information

Zoocraft: Animal Family is now on multiple mobile app pages. And it’s free. We found that it is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones as it works well on Android 4.4 and above.

Even though the app doesn’t take up much space (less than social media apps like Facebook or Instagram), you have to make sure that it won’t slow down your device.

ZooCraft is promoting a game for everyone, which does not contain violent factors or sharp visual effects. So, feel free to try the game now.

It promises similarity to Monkey Legend but is closer to reality and more context friendly. It would be better if you could experience the game in person.

background story

Games related to planning and management have flourished in recent years because they take time with flexibility and get to the real life or fantasies. Zoocraft 1 is famous for the idea of ​​building a zoo that looks like reality. However, it contains no less surprise than Monkey Legend.

The story surrounds the creation of an ordinary zoo from scratch. In particular, there will be management teams, facilities, spaces and the best of breeding. The content includes practical issues, except for breeding experiences. Like we said, surprise!

How to play Zoocraft

If you have played Money Legend or Farmer Game, then Zoocraft will be easy for you to understand. The rules are just making business and building an imaginary community out of that business.

Your task here is to create, manage and expand a zoo. As there are no limits to business development, the game promises long-term entertainment. Here are the activities at the zoo:

ZooCraft 0 . screen

building facilities

There will be no more than a wide barren ground when you start, so be prepared. At first, you have limited options for facilities and animals. But baby steps!

As the number of animals increases, expand your zoo with more specialized rooms. The more you get, the more things you can buy.

Let’s see some of our favorite options:

  • environments: It is necessary to place an animal in suitable living environments. So, your first task will be to choose a habitat. Facilities vary for different animals. Pick it up and distribute it!
  • kiosks: Food and beverage stalls are essential to zoo business. They help enhance the place by giving visitors the amenities they need to get around. Stalls in Zoocraft come in different shapes and sizes. Cheap kiosks are mobile and small kiosks that you should choose in the early days. When you happen to be multiple, combine them into a building.
  • Decorations: To attract more visitors, you must make your zoo amazing. Decorations are flowers, plants, and figurines where you can handle them. It will cost some money.

Purchasing decorations will be one of the tasks. Surprisingly, the money you spend makes you money.

Animal collection and care

Animals are your golden package, so be kind to them. At first, collecting new animals may give you a few rewards. Please keep your eyes on it in the future while looking for more of it.

Animals must be fed in the zoo. Besides, there is a vet who can inject vaccines and take care of patients.

Animal collecting happens constantly during the game where you have to create an abundant zoo, the more the better. Breeding would be another way to increase the quantity, but you should always manage normal animals. This job will give you money instantly.

How do you find new animals?

After completing some missions, a brand new animal will come unlocked for you to buy. It’s just the same as getting new facilities.

Create new breeds

Create adorable animals to attract waves of visitors. Reproduction occurs in the laboratory, with the support of a scientist. There will be an experiment first to see if it is possible. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to adopt unique pets because the game allows for madness.

It is an act of enhancing creativity. And don’t miss the chance because cute breeds can generate money! Tips to Increase Tourism: Create unique nuclear families and place them in a creative habitat.

ZooCraft 2 screen

Visitor management

When touring the zoo, visitors must have a lot of questions. Being a good manager, you are supposed to help them. Do not be afraid, there are strict orders. Most of the time, they want to know where a particular animal lives, where they can buy something to eat, or in the trash. Easy jobs give you money.

clean the zoo

Every visitor wants to tour a new and well-organized zoo. Therefore, you must maintain your surroundings in the right conditions. It is not only about buying more plants and decorations, but also cleaning up the trash. Sometimes the system reminds you to mow green shrubs and lawns.

Visit another zoo

Other players are building wonderful zoos around it. It’s encouraging to walk around and learn how other businesses go. Who knows if you can come up with a new idea!

Walking around the neighborhood, you might see new animals gathering or the organization’s initials.

ZooCraft 3 . screen

Special Features

realistic factors

What happens in the game corresponds to reality. For example, the construction of living spaces for a particular animal must be based on knowledge about its suitable habitat. The procedure follows deterministic factors such as time and price.

The only thing not really related to the mixing of the breed. But it’s still exciting anyway.

Vivid graphics

Zoocraft takes place in 3D graphics, where the images about animals look amazing. Designers put more work into imagining animals than humans. The collection includes at least 160 normal breeds and an unknown number of half-blooded animals.

It is familiar to players as it reminds us of the old organization game.

my contact

Zoocraft provides plenty of space for communication. There are always dialogs that pop up from the system and guests to show you requests or instructions. The game promotes interaction and quick reactions.

See this potential game for kids. They can learn to distinguish objects as well as enhance interaction.

When you want to experience a less complex zoo environment, come to Zoo 2: Animal Park. This is an opportunity for you to practice creating your space with different animals, and learn about the habitats. The ecosystem consists of animals and a caregiver. No visitors appearing.

Zoo 2: Animal Park can be a great pre-game before you conquer the complex in Zoocraft.

last words

Zoocraft MOD APK It promises a unique experience. It boosts creativity but doesn’t seem competitive. We suggest a time-consuming game that you can stick with for a long time. No pressure. You can visit the zoo at any time.

This game appears to be compatible with any group of players in terms of age and gender. The content provides information about animals, habitats, and social skills that anyone should know. Why don’t you try it now?