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Jika sobat ingin mencari artikel tentang Ambience MOD APK 2.9.1 (Premium features Unlocked) for Android disini tempatnya . Baca artikel tentang Ambience MOD APK 2.9.1 (Premium features Unlocked) for Android .

the atmosphere It is an application that focuses on relaxing noises. The app brings a blend of relaxing sounds to the surroundings. You can combine a variety of natural sounds to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Relaxation has a positive effect on your mood. All sounds are of high quality and provide great comfort. The application allows you to upload your own sounds and mix them with the sounds of the application. You can use this app to rest, meditate, read, work or just relax. The application helps you reduce symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and tinnitus. This compact mixer allows you to eliminate the annoying sounds around you.

Filled with relaxing sounds

Ambience has a huge music store. Hear over 100 high quality relaxing sounds, all for free. The application contains common types of sounds such as rain sounds (morning rain, thunder, light rain, rain on windows, rain on the roof); the sound of the ocean (calm waves, waves, the sound of dolphins); the sound of water (the sound of a river, the sound of a waterfall, the sound of a drop); animal sounds at night (crickets, grasshoppers, wolves, frogs); Countryside sounds (songbirds, farming activities, train whistle); The sound of natural movement (the sound of wind and fire, the sound of trees, the sound of a hearth).

The ambiance also brings in great sounds of party music. You hear great music from instruments like piano, guitar and even calm. The app offers sounds of traditional Asian musical instruments such as wind chimes, bamboo flutes, doorbells, and temple sounds. You will enjoy the sound of zen in the gardens. You can also hear the sounds of the city such as the sound of the cafe, the sound of the fountain, the sound of children playing, and the sound of the subway. If you love privacy, you choose to listen to the sound of the house, the sound of a fan moving, the sound of a moving air conditioner, and the sound of a shower running.

Ambience also provides other popular relaxing sounds. You can choose from white noise, pink noise, and brown noise. The application provides excellent sound. Good relaxation helps you treat common ailments such as headaches, insomniaAnd the Worry. In addition, the cheerful sounds help you to be creative, energetic and always love life.

Many exciting features to enhance the relaxing experience

The atmosphere allows for the blending of many relaxing sounds. You can choose your favorite sound and adjust the level of each sound. This will enable you to create a variety of relaxing music styles for yourself. You can combine the sound of the piano and the sound of rain to create a rainy day. If you find the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, you can save the mix. This helps you to restart quickly when needed.

Ambience is smartly designed. The application has a very user-friendly interface, and it is easy to interact with it. You go through each sound type, and choose the next preferred sound pattern. After that, you can select another sound style in another sound group. You can arbitrarily save your favorite audio combinations and play them at any time. From here, you can enjoy music while you’re at school, come home, read a book, and even get ready for bed. The app allows you to set a timer in the app to stop whenever you want automatically. In addition, the application also supports several built-in installations. Just choose your favorite sound combination and enjoy all the comfort of your phone.

Who is the application for?

Ambience is an app for everyone, even those without stress. Especially if you are having trouble sleeping then you should use the app. Because relaxing sounds calm your mind, relax your body and help you sleep better. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. Remember that good sleep is essential to a happy life.

The atmosphere is also a choice for students. Because the application helps you to increase focus. If you are having a hard time concentrating on studying/working/reading, the sounds of the app will enhance your participation. Noise by masking unpleasant outside noise. In addition, the application is also suitable for those who love to meditate. You can use the relaxing sounds within the app for yoga sessions. The sounds of nature relieve stress in modern life, evoke positive emotions. The more you listen to the sounds of nature, the more free you will be from the daily noise and stress.

In addition, you can use apps like “Relax Melodies” or “Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness” for a great relaxing experience. An application designed to induce the most effective sleep. This will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed.


Ambience is a great app that promises to bring positive entertainment through relaxing sounds. In addition, the application helps with meditation, improve focus and induce sleep. The app allows mixing up to 10 sounds simultaneously, and you can control the volume individually to create your favorite mix. You can save different audio combinations to use for other purposes. The app allows for an automatic timer and loads your audio. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy a good night’s sleep with the unique relaxing sounds from the app!