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Fly Corp is a strategy game where you can develop a transportation network in different cities and countries. You can increase the capacity of the airports by unlocking new routes and buying new planes.

Connect with the world

In this flight commander game, the whole world can participate. More than 200 cities and countries can be added to the game map. You can start building airports and expand your flying empire.

Development of air transport routes

Good airline management skills are required to operate successfully in various locations. For example, European airports are very easy to manage, while transatlantic routes are very popular.

Passenger flow control

The airport game passenger flow system is designed to meet the different needs of the passengers. The game’s cities are built according to their real-world counterpart, and the population figures can be adjusted to increase the number of people who want to travel by plane.

Upgrade airports and planes

Since you do not have enough money to connect all the cities, you should think about where the transportation hub should be. The a/c has a maximum capacity, and you can lose money even if one of them gets full.

Play different game modes

This idle-filled plane game includes 3 addictive game modes: unlock all countries, scenarios and free play!

The goal of the unlock all countries mode is to cover the entire map and unlock every country in the world. It takes every six minutes to complete, and you lose if you don’t reach that goal.

The game scenarios are designed to provide you with different scenarios that can help you achieve goals and objectives. For example, you can try to keep an airline operating for a long time or generate a certain amount of money. Each scenario has its own unique requirements. For example, you can quickly set up a new air transport network after a virus outbreak in a country.

If you are a fan of idle tycoon games, Free Play is the perfect choice. In this mode, you can start building airports and expand your airline empire in different countries.

Face normal challenges

The random events in the game will keep you entertained even after managing your daily routine for the airline. These include positive developments such as investing in your company, as well as negative developments such as the emergence of a new virus or flight cancellation due to a technical problem.

Compete with others

Easily reach the leaderboards by completing different missions and earn extra playing points for each passenger. You can also purchase advanced airport infrastructure to improve your operations.

Fly Corp is a free flight simulation game that allows you to become an aviation tycoon. It features more than 20 different scenarios and allows you to build the largest air transport network in the world.

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