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Once you reach chapter 9 of the game, you will come across four large windmills with a puzzle that you can solve to get a secret shield. However, the thing about this puzzle is that it can easily be missed if you don’t pay close attention.

But if a secret shield as a reward tempts you, solving it is well worth it. Let’s look at what the solution is.

How to get the secret shield | Windmill Mystery Guide to A Plague Tale: Requiem

To get the secret shield and solve the puzzle of the mill, you want to get to chapter 9 first. The main objective of this chapter has to do with the statues of the phoenix on the island. However, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll focus on windmills instead.

You can find four huge windmills on top of a hill, and it’s not really hard to miss. To make things easier to keep track of, we’ll assign her numbers 1-4 from left to right.

Next, you want to look for a stone staircase on the right side as soon as you approach the festive tree.

The first and second mill

Once you reach the first mill, open the door and go to the second level. Here, simply interact with the crank to turn the windmill off. After you are done, move towards the second mill. In the second mill you will find boxes on the outside with a rope attached to a wooden pole not far from there.

All you have to do is interact with the rope on the wooden pole to pull it. This will cause the boxes to fall, exposing a small entrance that you can crawl into. Simply head inside and engage the crank to turn the second windmill off. You can then open the door to get out.

The third and fourth mill

Now, you want to head to the third mill. These two mills are slightly different from the first two. Instead of turning it off, you’ll have to turn it on. To run the third mill, you need to find a movable box behind a small fence.

Then move it forward until you reveal a hole in the wall of the mill. Next, you have to ask Hugo to crawl inside so he can open the door for you. After opening the door, head inside and interact with the crank to power it up.

Finally, for the fourth windmill, you need to find the camper outside. Slide down the cart and climb the ladder. You will find a hole in the wall, although you will not be able to crawl through it. Instead, you want to use the lever and depress the door lock to remove it.

Next, simply go to the entrance to the mill, open the door, then interact with the crank to turn it on.

Get the secret shield

After solving the puzzle, find a series of stone arches behind the second and third windmills. Simply follow the stone arches until you reach a hole in the ground that leads to a cave. Drop the hole, and you will find the cave containing the shields.

Keep moving forward until you come to a small area with some chests. Interact with the small chest on top of the large chest in order to pick up the secret Bracer shield.

In case you were wondering, Bracer allows you to recover faster from enemy attacks. This can be very useful as it improves your overall survivability, especially in the later parts of the game.